Transit etiquette lost in translation with bus riders

Colton De Gooyer
Managing Editor

Once if you’re not patient. Luckily I am. I find people make it an annoying experience. I live in Brampton and I hear complaints about transit all across the region from people saying it’s always late, or that the bus drivers are jerks. Although the first part of that statement is true and the second part can be, my fellow riders are my biggest complaint.

Before I start bitching about everyone else, you should know that I do these things too. People tend to change, for some reason, when they step onto the bus.

I’ve been busing to Humber since I started my program two years ago and years before that. It’s still the same. People still sit on the outside of a double seat and put their bags or belongings on the other seat as if to say, “this seat’s for my bag, don’t even think about it buddy.”

What amazes me even more is that they leave their bags on the seat without even thinking twice when the bus is packed and others are standing.

Even worse is when senior citizens get on the bus and have trouble standing, holding a cane in one hand, shaking, but can’t find a seat at the front (a designated are for seniors)because it’s occupied by far younger able-bodied individuals. Where is the compassion? And it’s not just seniors, it’s mothers with their babies, the handicapped and so forth.

There are also people who don’t move back on the bus. Trust me, I’ve squished like a sardine into a bus. But for some reason the elevated landing at the very back manages to remain no man’s land. Instead, everyone would rather be squished shoulder to shoulder than either move back or ask someone to move back.

And last but not least, I know you love your music but I don’t. If I can make out the words in the song on your mp3 player while the bus is in motion and 10 different people are carrying on conversations, do your eardrums and everyone else’s a favor and turn it down.

Why do we do these things? I believe it’s because we’re too afraid to open our mouths and start a conversation with a stranger and that we’re just flat out allergic to anyone else’s feelings but our own.

People are just too self-centred. They are so afraid of being embarrassed that they will put someone else on the back burner in exchange for their own personal sanctity.

Anyways, I gotta catch the bus.

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