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Toronto struggles to keep music venues open amid soaring rents

The diminishing number of Toronto music venues appeared to receive a saving call in November 2016 when city councilors Josh Cole and John Fillion filed a motion asking encouragement to open more live venues and preserve the ones that exist.

Students most vulnerable in GTA housing crisis

ETC STAFF In the same week Major League Baseball re-opens its ballparks, the Greater Toronto Area’s out-of-control housing and rental prices are reaching a fever pitch. For a potential homebuyer in the GTA, the average selling price of a home last month was over $916,567, according to the city’s real estate board in a statement

It’s too late to feel sorry for Rob Ford

Humber Et Cetera Editorial When Rob Ford died on Tuesday, instead of mourning, some people only continued to laugh at the former Toronto mayor.. TMZ ran a headline simply describing him as “Crack Mayor” while international outlets angled their coverage towards his boorish public persona. Meanwhile, on social media, R.I.P.s rolled facetiously proclaiming Ford “the

It’s time to say hello to safe injection sites in Toronto

It’s the hotly contested drug issue Torontonians are talking about this week – and it’s not about legal ganja. Toronto is considering opening three supervised injection sites for drug users, the city’s chief medical officer of health announced on Monday. Before we take the plunge (pun intended), perhaps we should first consider how beneficial these