OPINION: Political showmanship does nothing for dwindling middle class

By: Hunter Crowther What is ‘middle class’ and how does the government define it? One of the often repeated phrases I hear from the politicians of Queen’s Park and Ottawa is middle class, and what to do with said middle class. ‘How to strengthen it,’ ‘how to grow it,’ doing whatever-adjective-fits-today to the middle class was, and still is, what... More

OPINION: Canada must do more in wake of devastating gas attack in Syria

By: David Tuchman On Tuesday, the Syrian government unleashed a devastating gas attack in a northern rebel-held territory. The carnage featured dozens of helpless children gasping for breath and even more dead. The attack stirred worldwide condemnation but words aren’t enough to stop an increasingly confident al-Assad, Syria’s brutal dictator, who continues to get bolstered by Russia. Among them was... More

OPINION: Trudeau must stand up against Trump

By: Hunter Crowther In a maiden year with ups and downs for Justin Trudeau, Donald Trump entering the White House presented a mix bag for our country. Nearly a week after the new U.S. president signed a heavily Islamophobic themed executive order, our prime minister has remained silent. On Jan. 27, Trump temporarily stopped immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, and... More