Students decry Islamophobia in wake of Trump initiatives

Kelvin Tran News Reporter Islamophobia appears to have grown stronger with the election of Donald Trump as U.S. President last November. The American National Election Survey released recent data on the election showing Republican presidential voters were more likely to vote based on racial attitudes towards non-white people. There have also been a number of incidents of Islamophobia in Canada,... More

OPINION: Canada must do more in wake of devastating gas attack in Syria

By: David Tuchman On Tuesday, the Syrian government unleashed a devastating gas attack in a northern rebel-held territory. The carnage featured dozens of helpless children gasping for breath and even more dead. The attack stirred worldwide condemnation but words aren’t enough to stop an increasingly confident al-Assad, Syria’s brutal dictator, who continues to get bolstered by Russia. Among them was... More

OPINION: It’s time for us to converse with tolerance for opposing views

By Javon Walker I know we’re in Canada, but this Trump roller coaster is one hell of a ride. Everyone is still in uproar over the executive order to keep out any visitors from seven Muslim nations, and Trump supporters are being painted in an ever worse light as the days pass. It’s ironic that the United States is the... More