Students explore possibilities at Transfer Thursdays

Samantha Berdini

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For students curious about grade standards or options for transferring programs, advisors have been available every Thursday in March to answer all questions about academic and professional pathways.

There remains a final session next week between 10 a.m. and 1p.m. at the North campus LRC.

Judy Tavares, manager of the Student Transfer Services, oversees the Transfer Services Team and the weekly guidance sessions.

“The Transfer Services Team is here to help with this process from a registrar perspective,” said Tavares, adding that the process is not difficult once students know what to do. “Students should also speak to their program coordinators and a student advisor in the Career and Academic Advising Center.”

The process for transferring from another university or college starts by applying through and sending postsecondary transcripts to Humber to be assessed by the admissions team. Once an offer is made, the credit transfer process can begin.

Tavares cited a helpful live database feature, which allows students to check any preapproved transfer credits from other institutions.

She explained that there are many options for students that they may not be aware of. For example, there are three different types of credits: Individual Course Credits, Prior Learning and Assessment Recognition Credits and Block Transfer Credits.

“There’s always some amount of nervousness among students straight out of high school, because they don’t know what they’re getting into,” said Amrita Tiwari, an Admissions Office advisor.

Transfer Thursdays aims to help students understand their transfer options. Photo by Samantha Berdini

“We are making sure students are aware of what we can offer them at all levels of education and all possible pathways,” said Tiwari.

Even if students have yet to explore their transfer options, there is another incentive available for keeping on top of school. An automatic scholarship of $2,500 can be awarded to students in a diploma program with a GPA of 80 per cent or above.

“Many students make decisions in high school that they may not be fully informed to make, and when they get to postsecondary they realize that they would like to choose a different career or education path,” said Tavares.

“We live in a credential driven society,” said Tiwari. “It is important that students have opportunities to pursue a diploma, a degree and practical experience.”

Tavares encourages students to check the transfer options website, as well as The website is a provincial body that represents 42 colleges and universities in the province. Its mandate is to try and build awareness around transfer students and pathway opportunities in Ontario.

“I had one student ask if he should transfer from his Computer Engineering program into a Business degree program at Humber, or transfer to a university,” said Tiwari. “I told him to put in an application at no cost, come to our open house and take a look at all Business program options. Employers are looking for that kind of multiplicity of skills and diversity.”

“To current and potential students, please ask questions.” said Tavares.

“Students need to be aware that we have the support and services here to help them with their educational planning, but they need to ask questions and start researching early.”

“It’s all about exploring,” said Tiwari. “No one is bound to anything.”

After Transfer Thursdays end next week, students are invited to book an appointment with a credit transfer counselor.



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