ARC hosts pumpkin carving to raise students’ spirits

Kettelia Wright
Life Reporter

Students dressed in their favourite costumes celebrated Halloween with delicious food, spooky movies, and pumpkin carving at Humber’s North campus.

The Aboriginal Resource Centre organized the event on Tuesday to entertain students as classes continue to be suspended due to the strike.

“We wanted to try and motivate students, and get their spirits u because the strike is in the third week now, we are doing that by watching spooky movies, and our pumpkin carving contest, the winner of this contest will receive a gift card,” said Carleigh Milton, an administrative assistant at the Aboriginal Resource Centre.

Attendees showed up dressed as characters from popular films, anime and other fandoms.

“Today, I’m dressed as Princess Mononoke, it’s from Studio Ghibli,” Milton said.

  Milton got extra creative this year by hand-making her costume out of cardboard and tape.

“I sewed the outfit, then I used moulding clay to make the necklace and the earrings,” Milton said.

Humber Paralegal student Larralane Whiteye says Halloween is her favourite time of the year because people get to dress up as someone else and show their creative side.

Humber student Khara Falconer said Halloween gives her a different vibe.

“When I’m dressed as someone else it gives me a different feeling, I’m more outgoing, I do things without even caring, I just have the best time,” Falconer said.

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