Spandettes front vocal trio in disco band

Sarah Wickett
A&E Reporter

A band of Humber grads is consolidating its hold on the music industry with their newly re-released album Spandex Effect.

Fiercely energetic, The Spandettes is a 10-member disco band from Toronto with vocal trio, Alex Tait, Maggie Hopkins and Lizzy Clarke fronting the ensemble.

Their original music is a combination of classic 70’s soul/boogie with a contemporary edge, inspired by dance pop, reggae and soul. Their songs come alive with a three-piece horn arrangement and exceptional vocal harmonies created by the leading trio.

Formed in 2008, the band’s eight out of 10 members graduated from music degree program at Humber College.

Lizzie Clarke, one of the front three and a Humber grad said the trio started singing together at the college.

“Three of us were in the same year and we did the same vocal master class. We were friends for a long time before we actually started the band.”

The girls have come a long way since being at Humber. They now have a worldwide following and ambitions to tour in Japan.

“Our first single “Sweet & Saccharine” was actually on the top 100 chart in Tokyo for eight weeks,” says Maggie Hopkins, another member of the vocal trio.

Their Toronto fan base has always been very supportive. However, Hopkins said she believes The Spandettes found much of their success when they became engaged in the online world of music.

“Now we have people tweeting us from Germany, France and Japan… I think we’ve found the majority of our success through those international listeners,” says Hopkins.

Having just re-released their second album on Sep. 30, Spandex Effect, they have gotten nothing but positive feedback.

“People can just order (the recordings) and they come directly from us, from our hands,” says Alex Tait, another of the front three vocalists.

Spandex Effect is now available in hard copy on their website.

Online copies are also available at more than 200 online stores and music service outlets, including iTunes and Spotify.

Enjoy The Spandettes’ second single of Spandex Effect “Dig Deeper”

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