Sexologist coaxes students to talk about sex

Kathleen Jolly
News Reporter

Howls and giggles resonated around LinX Pub last Tuesday as students enjoyed some sex talk with their drinks.

Dr. Jess O’Reilly, a popular sexologist and author, came to Humber’s North campus on Feb. 11 to talk frankly with college students about sex.

The Humber Students’ Federation-hosted event provided a venue for students to ask sensitive questions in a friendly environment.

“I think even though we’re in college, a lot of people still have questions, and they’re too afraid to ask them,” said HSF event assistant Brittany Carovillano. “An event like this puts them in a more comfortable setting to do so.”

O’Reilly took a break from hosting PlayboyTV’s SWING, a reality series about swingers, to hold this talk.

Students were invited before the start of her talk to submit questions for O’Reilly to answer.

Evidently, some students took liberties.

“Are you the one who gave me your phone number 10 times?” she asked a student who rushed to a front row seat.

“No, but I can be,” he said amid guffaws.

O’Reilly was not thrown off by any of the sillier questions as the topics at times became racy. She also didn’t hesitate to lay down the law in terms of what couples can and can’t do together.

“Well, you can’t make anybody do anything,” she said.

Throughout the interactive discussion, O’Reilly covered the technicalities of sex, explaining erogenous zones – which are areas of the body responsive to sexual stimulation – and sex toys.

She also debunked some sex myths common among college students, and gave anecdotes of lessons she learned from actors she works with on PlayboyTV.

O’Reilly remained at LinX after the presentation to talk to students and sign autographs.

“Really, I’m just trying to start a dialogue,” she said after the talk.

O’Reilly said it’s important to get more people talking about sex despite how uncomfortable it can be at times (and even when the topic gets humorous) because it gets people thinking.

Many students enjoyed the event and her manner of speaking to students.

“She was open, and she was really confident, that’s what I like…(she) actually broke some of my myths,” said Viru Chauhan, a second-year event planning student.

“I thought it was really informative, it was fun without being intimidating, which I liked,” said Kaylin Skrizevski a second-year culinary apprentice student.

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