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Left to right: Associate Dean of Liberal Arts & Science Patricia Morgan; Associate Dean of the Business School Avril Carnovale; Associate Dean of General Education John Elias; Associate Dean of Applied Technology Susan Krausz. Jordan Maxwell

Andrew Ardizzi
Senior News Reporter

Humber annual barbeque to launch its United Way campaign kicked off its goal to raise $50,000 this year.

“The United Way is important because it supports so many agencies. It’s important for students to donate through events like this,” said John Davies, Humber’s president, during the event held Wednesday. “The United Way supports a lot of local agencies here too.”

Susan Krausz, co-organizer and associate dean for Humber’s school of applied technology, said the campaign started last week with a bake sale where students and faculty could buy pies for Thanksgiving, said Krausz.

A similar barbecue will be held at the Lakeshore campus next Wednesday, she said.

“It’s an organization that supports multiple other organizations, so by going to one instead of supporting 15 or 20 smaller organizations, we can raise money once and it can be directed where it’s needed,” she said.

Krausz said Humber raised $32,000 last year, and have upped its goal to $50,000 this year.

“We have a raffle that’s going once in October, November and December where people can win iPads, iPods, cell phones, free parking; the grand prize is a trip to England for two people,” she said. “We’ve put a lot more events in place. Really it’s the raffle we’re hoping is going to raise a lot more money.”

Humber president John Davies said the college has traditionally been an extremely charitable institution, and the United Way is a main part of that charitable drive.

Left to right: Keith Pua, Michael Kopniak, Nancy Deason, Les Brinkworth, Ernie Colosimo, Loren Smith & Martin Douglas of Crimestoppers. Jordan Maxwell

One of those agencies is the Pathways to Education program which provides mentoring and homework help for secondary school students, said Davies.

He said students who stay with the program throughout high school will get $4,000 toward their post-secondary education.

“Humber was central in bringing that to the Rexdale area and the United Way provides funding for that,” he said.

“It’s really about creating a more fair and liveable city,” said John Elias, co-organizer and associate dean of Humber’s school of General Education. “Hopefully people will support the campaign.”

Krausz said everyone should get involved in some capacity.

“The United Way supports so many organizations, we just think it’s a great way to get involved and be able to help our community,” she said.  In 2009, the United Way raised $483 million for its various agencies across Canada, despite the poor economic situation.

Hungry students and community residents pick up some burgers and hot dogs from Humber faculty in front of D building at Humber's North campus. Jordan Maxwell.

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