Robots take place of servers at automation and robotics event

The Autobar makes drinks to the user’s specifications by asking computer generated questions. Shellon Simon

Shellon Simon
News Reporter

An automated bartender and a hot dog vending machine will be on display Nov. 13 when the Automation and Robotics Electromechanical Engineering Technology Program hosts its annual open house.

Lars Kristjansen, instructor of Automation Studies, said that to understand the program you first need to understand the word automation.

“It’s about less human touch and more about automating things to work on their own.”

One of the projects that will be viewed at the open house is the Autobar, a robotic bartender that will make the perfect drink for anyone, said Magda Horbacz, a third-year student of electromechanical engineering technology automation and robotics.

With answers to a couple of computer generated questions, the self-serve machine will make a drink to the customer’s specifications.

“We hope to showcase the great things about this program, from the technology we use to the student projects that are currently being prepared,” said Neal Mohammed, who is the co-ordinator and professor of electromechanical engineering automation and robotics.

Along the same lines as the Autobar comes Hot and Fresh Automation, a hot dog vendor.

Using the same basic idea, the customer only has to make selections and the machine will do the rest.

A conveyor belt carries the hot dog along as it is prepared to the patrons’ taste.

This also includes adding the condiments and toasting the bun to the liking of the customer.

Third-year automation and robotics student Sukhdeep Sekhon is the brains behind Hot and Fresh Automation.

Sekhon said the automation and robotics program appeals to his natural curiosities.

“I’ve always just wanted to know how things start and stop, so I can learn a lot here,” he said. “Everything is practical and hands-on so you can see what you’ll be doing when you work in the industry.”

The open house will take place in N109 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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