Radio Humber all-Canada first

Kelsey Coles
Residence Reporter

Broadcasting live from Humber College, 96.9 Radio Humber is Canada’s first radio station to provide all-Canadian content, landing its broadcasting license 10 years ago.

The station allows up-and-coming artists the opportunity to get in on the action by submitting their own music as well.

Programming assistant Paya Farahmand says the first step to getting on air is having affiliation with Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN), representing Canadian and international musicians and publishers.

“Once you meet the criteria set by the CRTC for Canadian content, then we can consider your music,” Farahmand said.

Radio Humber plays all genres but Farahmand says that material must be community-oriented.

Radio Humber also offers programs such as Band of the Month and Unsigned. Band of the Month hosts shows for bands and promotes them as the featured ensemble over the air with live remotes, advertisements and liners. Unsigned is produced by students, airing features done on emerging artists.

Acoustic rock act NUBS’ Logan Brown says, “Radio play has been nice just to reach mass listeners,” Brown said. “I don’t pull out anything, I can’t even hide behind guitar effects in a radio station. It’s just a really pure and human performance and I think the listeners connect to that.”

“Marketing over the radio is good because a lot of the time people listen to the radio in the car or at work so they can’t really get away from advertisements,” said Paige Williams, a marketing assistant at Universal Music Canada.

Williams said that radio play is a great way for new musicians to gain revenue because they get about $20 per spin.

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