Network Nights gathers fashion, cosmetics, photography in collaborative community

Alanna Fairey
Life Reporter

In an effort to connect, collaborate and create friendly competition, Humber’s Fashion Arts program is bringing Fashion, Photography and Cosmetic students together for Network Nights throughout the month of March.

Network Nights, established three years ago, begins with top fashion students presenting window concepts that they have been building over the past few months to Photography and Cosmetics students. Based on their attraction to specific themes and concepts, the Photography and Cosmetic students will form groups with Fashion students.

“It developed because I am always looking for imagery to put in our massive window display down at the Lakeshore campus,” said Kimberly Rich, who is a professor and Window Display Installation coordinator in Humber’s Fashion Arts program.

“To get a decent image I have to get students from Cosmetics, Photography and Fashion all working together as a creative team to make that happen,” she said.

Rich also said that a big part of the inspiration for creating Network Nights was the lack of interaction between programs in the college.

“These fields interact so much in the business community that it seemed silly that we didn’t have a place that we could meet in person,” Rich said. “This was a way that we could get everyone in one room and brainstorm concepts.”

Rich is hoping to eventually expand Network Nights to Interior and Graphic Design students, in an effort to do more with the photo shoots in terms of set design.

Arianna Poppat, editor-in-chief of Humber’s fashion magazine Infuse, is one of the Fashion Arts students who presented her concept to the Photography and Cosmetic students. She says that the Network Nights helped shape her confidence.

“I was so shy in my first semester and I didn’t talk to anyone,” Poppat said. “Now I am so open, I can present concepts and talk to anyone.”

From Poppat’s own experiences, she says that the students from the three different programs will benefit from the real world experience Network Nights provides for them.

“With group projects I am hesitant, but now I think, ‘I can work well in Network Nights’ and it gives me experience to work in groups,” Poppat said.

“Everything is groups in the real world, whether I like the person or not and that’s what Network Nights has taught me.”

The groups of students will showcase their work on Mar. 23 where a panel of judges will determine the winning group, which is awarded $1000 to finance their photo shoot.

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