Naomi Klein brings climate change documentary to Lakeshore

Gabriela Argueta


People interested in the climate change debate, capitalism and the economy are anticipating Naomi Klein’s scheduled visit to Humber Lakeshore campus on Sept. 28, with over 500 places booked to date.

Klein is an award winning journalist, columnist and international bestselling author for her book No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies, published in 2000.

“I think what I am excited to learn from her is the relation between mainstream green initiatives and the result it has on development,” said first year Humber international development student Callan Hayman, who is attending the event.

“Which is cool for me because my undergrad was in communications,” Hayman said. “It focused a lot on branding and advertising. Now I am in international development, so I get to see how those two worlds collide.”

Klein’s most recent book, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate, and a screening of the documentary of the same name by Klein’s husband, Avi Lewis, will be the focus of discussion at next week’s free event. Klein argues in the book that the environmental crisis should lead to abandoning free market ideologies and current political systems.

“Naomi focuses on climate changes and its impact on communities,” said Lindsay Walker, Humber’s Sustainability office manager.

“These are issues that impact so many different things, so I’m hoping students will talk about this,” Walker said.

A full house is expected at the Lakeshore auditorium, where a live stream of Lewis documentary will be played following a one-hour question-and-answer period.

While some in attendance are looking to learn about climate change issues as a whole, others are hoping for a more lasting impact from Klein’s visit.

“I’m expecting Naomi to remind us that our everyday actions and choices have consequences upon others, not only in our immediate communities but internationally,” said first year international development student Nate Taylor.

“I am hoping for her to further educate the Humber community about making sustainable choices for our daily lives,” Taylor said.

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