Motion to approve Manahan as next HSF president rejected 90-89

Kathleen Jolly
News Reporter

Humber Students’ Federation’s second Annual General Meeting proved to be one of the highest attended in the college’s history.

The purpose of the meeting, held today at North campus’ Student Centre, was to vote on whether to approve the newly-elected HSF directors and executives for 2014-15, as well as the operating capital budget and approval of next year’s financial auditors.

Following the controversy that arose from current HSF president Timothy Brilhante’s disqualification from the elections, students gathered to voice their opinions on whether they felt Shawn Manahan, who won with less than 20 per cent of the votes, should be approved as incoming president.

Shawn Manahan lost his position after the students voted against approving him to office.

Manahan was frustrated with the results, saying he lost his summer job, and will have to campaign again for something he already won.

“The by-election is going to cost a hundred grand that can’t go to new student events or to bursaries. That’s a hundred grand because one guy wasn’t okay with a policy he signed off on,” Manahan said.

The vote was 90 to 89 against approving Manahan as the next president. Timothy Brilhante said that they stopped voting after a majority was reached, explaining the one number difference.

“I want to be clear on that, I don’t think it was by one vote, I think they stopped counting after one vote passed in favour versus the opposed,” he said.

Regarding the result of the vote, Brilhante was overjoyed.

Current HSF President Tim Brilhante at the HSF's annual general meeting on March 26.
Current HSF President Tim Brilhante at the HSF’s annual general meeting on March 26.

“It feels completely overwhelming, I’m so proud of the students that came out here today, all of them, and I couldn’t have asked for a better result today, because I truly believe we fought for democracy,” he said.

Brilhante had made a motion at the beginning of the meeting, asking for an amendment to the agenda.

“I propose that we change that item (number 5) to just separate the president role from all the other roles if everyone is comfortable,” he said.

After some discussion about the motion from Kay Tracey, VP Student Affairs North, Eric Collings, a board of directors member, and Colin Edwards-Crewe, VP Student Life Lakeshore, the motion passed.

After the board of directors were approved with 131 votes for, the position of president was discussed at length.

Many students lined up to ask questions to the executives who were presiding over the meeting.

The chairperson of the meeting, Rosa Figueroa, reminded students several times not to cheer or clap, as many present became agitated either in support of having a by-election or of voting in Manahan.

After students rejected Manahan’s presidency, the rest of the incumbent vice presidents were collectively voted into office, with 131 students for, 1 student against and 2 abstaining.

The Operating Capital Budget for 2014-2105 was also approved, as was BDO Dunwoody as the 2014-15.


Here’s some of the students’ reaction from this morning’s meeting:


Alex Brekelmans, one of the candidates from the Lakeshore VP of Student Life election, expressed his concerns.


Cristina Marin, a member of the Board of Directors, brought up Brilhante’s attendance from the past few weeks.


Kay Tracey, one of the candidates of the presidential election, took a moment to address the crowd.


Shawn Manahan also spoke during the question period:

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