Mentalist a big hit on campus

Danny Connelly relaxes into a deep sleep, almost toppling over after being hypnotized.
Danny Connelly relaxes into a deep sleep, almost toppling over after being hypnotized.
photo by kati mason
Kati Mason
A&E Reporter

Students were thrusting, grinding and speaking foreign languages while under the spell of Sailesh the Mentalist.

“These people have relaxed deeply enough to give me the power of suggestion,” Sailesh said to the packed Student Centre on North Campus last Wednesday, and the Lakeshore Campus Thursday.

He said every person enters the state of mind needed to be hypnotized a few times every day.

“Say you’re calling up one of your friends and it rings and rings and rings and your friend finally picks up and you are like – who did I just call?” he said.

Danny Connelly, a first-year recreation and leisure student, said he could hear the reactions of the students in the crowd, but was powerless to stop the hypnosis.

“Everything around me, it was there but it was kind of off in the distance,” said Connelly, one of the 30 volunteers. “I was really focused on his voice and everything he told me I did.”

This was evident when Sailesh convinced Connelly and another male volunteer their belly buttons were tied together. He told them the only way to separate was to move their hips to the beat of the music, which they did.

Next, Sailesh made Connelly tell his best jokes in Chinese.

Aaron Miller, program director for the Humber Students’ Federation, said while the show is kind of risqué, HSF usually talks about restrictions for shows ahead of time.

“It’s a little bit different here because it is such an open space,” he said. “We don’t want anyone to be walking through and get offended by something that is going on.”

But they will definitely be bringing Sailesh the Mentalist back, said Miller.

“We were talking about maybe in future years of him coming in and doing this show and then the next day doing more of a improving your study habits.”

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