K107 gets $152,000 makeover

The Dean of the school of media studies & information technology William Hanna posing in the newly painted space in the offices of K137. Richard Frankel.

Richard Frankel
News Reporter

The School of Media Studies and Information Technology has completed construction of a faculty office expansion at North Campus.

“Students like to come and speak to us and we need to provide more appropriate space to better serve them,” said William Hanna, dean of the school of media studies. “The school has grown to about 3,500 full-time and 3,500 part-time students and 30 programs.”

Director of facilities management, Carol Anderson, said construction space totaled roughly 2,000 square feet.

With costs for the office expansion coming to $40 a square foot and $72,000 for furniture, total renovation cost was approximately $152,000.

Hanna said all the walls were taken down for the new quarters, with new ceiling tiles and flooring being installed.

Associate dean of the school of media studies, Basil Guinane, said more faculty was needed because the school added a few hundred new students over the last few years.

“The reason for the new offices is because there’s been a huge amount of growth in the last four to five years,” said Guinane.

Hanna said faculty has been sharing desks and the new space will accommodate more than 30 faculty members.

Vice-president of student and corporate services, John Mason, said there are problems with a lack of space across the college and his department is trying to address them.

“Representatives from each academic school looks at the requirement of space and changes to the use of space,” said Mason.

Hanna said the project is a college-wide facility advancement based on a presentation of needs.

Anderson said the money for construction comes from the Facilities Planning Committee.

“Larger projects on campus are done with government assistance,” Anderson said.

The school will be getting additional space at the Lakeshore Campus when the new L-building is completed, Hanna said.

“This space will be completed for the fall of 2011 and include labs, edit suites, a broadcast studio and a room for multi-purpose communication,” Hanna said.

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