IT offers free software

Clover Sterling
Biz/Tech Reporter

Students can now access three additional Microsoft programs on their home computers for free.

The software, Windows 7 Upgrade Version, Office 2007 Professional and Office for Mac 2008, is now available for download via the Humber IT support centre’s website.

“Students will have the opportunity to keep the software, even after graduating Humber,” said Ryan Burton, Humber’s director of IT planning and client services.

“Since September, more than 3,000 students have accessed it,” he said.

“It is a service that we felt students needed and wanted, and in the interest of facilitating students’ success we saw an opportunity and we seized it.”

Ketan Dhima, first-year Humber business management student, said Microsoft Office 07 is faster and easier to use.

“There are more graphics and I don’t have to go to the computer lab anymore I do my work from home,” Dhima said.

Another way Humber students can get a hold of the software is to purchase a voucher from the Humber bookstore to be redeemed at the IT support centre. Office 2007 and Windows 7 sell for $15, while Office for Mac sells for $10.

“What a student is actually buying when they get the voucher is the media,” said Steve Camacho, technology support team lead at Humber. “They are getting the CD so they can install the software themselves if they do not want to download it from the website.”

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