Innovation fund seeks student ideas to improve quality of campus life

Shaneza Subhan
Student Government Reporter

The new $100,000 Student Innovation Fund at Humber College is designed for all students enrolled at Humber and University of Guelph-Humber to share and implement their ideas to improve campus life.

Humber Students’ Federation created the fund, which was put in place at the beginning of September and will be active throughout the year, for all students to participate and brainstorm innovative ways to support additional student services.

“We want students to tell us how we can improve student life,” said HSF president Tim Brilhante. “It really stems from HSF recognizing a way to harvest and develop students’ leadership spirit.”

Humber fourth-year business administration student Jigar Patel, 20, said if HSF is using a portion of student tuition for a fund where other students will benefit, he has no problem with it.

“I would invest in purchasing more computers for students to use, as the labs are always packed,” Patel said.

Doug Taylor, a second-year paralegal studies student has already pitched an idea to HSF called Spring to Life. He proposed the plain and empty concrete walls located at Lakeshore campus’ L Commons building be fitted with a wall-mounted frame, which will reflect the history, life and future of the college’s expansive property on the lake.

“The installation of a frame will transform the L Commons building entrance into a vibrant billboard of student culture,” Taylor said. “The frame will highlight the professional and diverse skills of Humber students.”

Those who are interested in sharing their ideas must submit a proposal to HSF’s Project Coordinator. The purpose of the idea should revolve around improving student life by focusing on what HSF can do for the student body.

Proposals will be evaluated by HSF executives and staff members. Applications will be accepted until funding runs out.

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