Students keep campus hospitality outlets running during strike

Kettelia Wright
Life Reporter

Students continue to serve up dishes in Humber’s student-run restaurants as the strike closes its third week.

Humber’s School of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism (HRT) is still hard at work in the kitchens of the Humber Room and the Humber Food Truck.

“I have a little one at home, so strike or no strike I still have to work to make ends meet,” said Stephanie Velasquez, a second-year culinary management student. “I don’t mind working. It is fun making food for students, and working along the head chefs.”

With so few students coming to the North campus because of the ongoing strike, the food truck’s revenue has been going down dramatically.

“Business is definitely being affected in a negative manner with the strike going on, our sales are certainly down, but we still continue to be out here our regular hours, approximately 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., because there’s still faculty and there’re still students using the campus and the grounds,” said Chef Robb Kerr, head chef of the Humber Food Truck.

There’s still a number of staff working on campus that aren’t part of the full-time or partial-load faculty who are on strike.

“Typically, when we are not in a strike position, we employ technicians that help support faculty and help support the learning in the Humber Room and on the food truck. These technicians are still here and they are still being affected by the strike because they are not on strike with the faculty, said Ryan Visser, retail director for the School of HRT.

Likewise, with students we offer a couple of work study students contracts throughout the year for students to work in those businesses to help supplement some of the business needs on top of the classes that are running in those businesses.” said Ryan Visser, retail director for the School of HRT.

The School of HRT is still providing those students who are available a chance to continue earning some income during the strike.

“Now that the classes are not running, and the faculty are not here, those people are still around and still available, and they still want an opportunity to continue to pay their bills. Colleges, and our school, made a commitment to continue to provide them with an opportunity to work, as long as we can, to ensure they still meet their goals and the businesses are still running,” Visser said.

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