Hawks above Falcons in opener

Ashleigh Darrach
Sports reporter

Hawks men’s volleyball soared in their home opener against one of their top competitors, the Fanshawe Falcons on Nov. 6.

For the first home game of the season, Humber fans piled in for the 8 p.m. start as the men began warmup. The team wore their new ‘Game Day’ t-shirts with ‘Our House’ printed along the back before the game started.

The Hawks took the lead early on in the first set  against the Falcons. The game went back and forth for a while, with the Hawks having the lead the entire time.

A big kill by Terrel Bramwell in the right side toward the end of the first set got the Hawks excited.

The first set was 25-21 for Humber.

“We wanted to control the pace of the game, and we wanted to continue to push.  I thought we did well,” said Wayne Wilkins, head coach of the Hawks.

Humber came back fired up in the second set; there were players diving everywhere with every attempt to keep the ball off of their side of the court. With a few good digs by both teams, this game proved to be exciting.

Fanshawe missed its serve at the end of the second set, losing 25-18 to Humber.

The Falcons came back strong taking the lead midway through the third set and the score was tight the entire way through. Facing some tough calls against them, the Hawks battled back but Fanshawe scooped up the third set 25-23.

“We played really strong at the beginning of the match, we kind of thought we had won at the end, but realized that we still had a lot more game to play, and we pulled through at the end. We did what we needed to do,” said Alex Stefaniuk, middle, second year creative photography student.

A tough battle late in the fourth set had the entire crowd on the edge of their seats before the 25-22 ending.

“It was exciting, and entertaining for sure. The crowd was fantastic,” said Wilkins.

“We had a lot of momentum in the fourth set, and as a team we stuck together, and we pulled through and came out with a win,” said John Obi, middle, first-year Architectural technology student.

Hawks face Mohawk Nov.15.

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