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Troy Dettweiler gears up some earthy contents next week.
Troy Dettweiler gears up some earthy contents next week.
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The Environmental Action and Awareness club and HSF are asking students at North Campus to make haute couture fashion from garbage.

“The Green is the New Black show was a concept that came up between the club members and they thought it would be cool if we could have a contest where students could create stuff out of garbage and just show that it is so easy to reuse materials,” said 21-year-old club president Troy Dettweiler.

Launching next Wednesday at the North Campus concourse, contestants have been asked to make any article of clothing using nearly 100 per cent recycled or recovered materials.

“It’s kind of a Victorian-style because I wanted to bring a little bit of class to the trash,” said 19-year-old multimedia design and production student Sarah Caracciolo.  “I’ve been using newspaper, garbage bags, cardboard, brass fasteners and duct tape for the most part.”

All entries will appear on the catwalk in the Green is the New Black fashion show, as contestants vie for a cash prize.

“We know we have creative students and we want to encourage that and the $500 grand prize will certainly help pay bills,” said HSF president Mike Berg.  “And we know students have those at this time of year.”

The contestant who receives the loudest cheers from the crowd will be declared the winner.

“I think what’s important to us is to give the students the opportunity to get engaged within the week of Humber Earth Week,” said Berg.  “We know that not every event might appeal to everyone.  We want to get a wide range events, initiatives and contests on the go so that hopefully at least one event or one initiative or one contest will cater to everyone’s interests.”

The Humber Environmental Action and Awareness (HEAA) club was formed in 2007 at Lakeshore and came to North last year.

HSF is also planning other events in conjunction with Humber’s first-ever Earth Week.

The Design Contest asks students to create proposals aiming towards making a space at Humber more environmentally sound and usable.

“It would be great to implement these types of contests into the regular curriculum so that students can have a chance at realizing their designs on campus,” said Berg.  “Humber is very open to listening to students especially when they have the environment and sustainability in mind.”

The sustainability design competition is the first of its kind on campus with a grand prize of $500.

“We’re trying to get students aware about environmental issues and we’re trying to get them to take action on campus,” says Dettweiler, a second-year TV and Film Production student.  “I think it will be a fun way for students to see what’s in their backyard, see the products that they use and make something new out of it.”

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