From runway to Humber halls

Students manage to stay stylish while still on a college budget

Allie Hunwicks
Life Reporter

Coutur-e trends are often more Fifth Avenue than Humber College Boulevard, but students can be both runway ready and budget savvy at the same time.

“I think you should take trends with a grain of salt,” said Daniel John Hardy, 20, Humber College fashion arts graduate, Club Monaco brand ambassador, and founder of

Hardy recommends sticking with a classic silhouette that is bolstered by one or two statement pieces borrowed from the runway aesthetic.

“Leopard print is massive right now. I think it’s a great trend, but the way to mix it is to do everything else classic. Say, a classic skinny jean and a nude heel, or, a classic pump, and then a basic T-shirt or tank top, and then go for a leopard print jacket,” said Hardy.

Hardy also recommends trends with a certain amount of staying power, such as military type jackets, and encourages the advantages of shopping less expensive retailers, like Joe Fresh.

“I was actually at their fashion show in the spring, and one of the first looks that a model came out with was a leopard print, oversized jacket,” said Hardy.

Focusing on timeless pieces that are accentuated with trendy toppers builds a solid wardrobe foundation and stays en pointe with a budget.

Zephyr Basine, 23, founder of said, “I think you can spend more money on your basics. Get a really great pair of jeans that’ll last you forever or a nice blazer that fits you really well. $20 can get you a ton of accessories at somewhere like H&M, so you don’t have to choose.”

A little creativity and a quick search through your own closet can go a long way in terms of adapting designs or trends from the runway.

“I feel that modern vintage cycling is really important,” said Salvina Lauricella, 19, first-year Humber fashion arts student.

“So, what you do is you take something old, and you up-cycle that to make it more modern and trendy.”