Diwali event success despite cancelled classes

Kettelia Wright
Life Reporter

Students showed up en mass to celebrate Diwali at Humber’s North campus, regardless of the ongoing strike. With classes suspended the college’s hallways were empty for most of the week, but many came out for all the food, music and dance that the First Year Experience’s Diwali event had to offer.

Diwali, which fell on Oct. 19 this year, is known as the new moon day, the darkest day of Hindu calendar and coincides with the Hindu new year.

“Diwali is the most important festival of India. They are also some demographic areas in the Caribbean, they also celebrate it too, it does not depend on the region you belong to we all celebrate together. That’s why we put on the event at Humber to celebrate the diversity,” said organizer Paras Arora.

A selection of diverse food was prepared for the Diwali celebration.

“We have a wide variety of food here today, including samosas made out of potatoes with peas, we have rumali roti which is a thin flatbread made out of flour dough. It’s really good to see other nationalities enjoy a taste of back home,” Arora said.

Attendees were also encouraged to join the dancers in performing traditional dances on the student centre floor to accompanying music.

One of the dances performed is called the Bhangra, and it’s a dance style to celebrate when good things are happening at any festival. It is a form of expression that displays happiness and enthusiasm for culture, said Rohan Sharma, project management student. “It’s a very cultural dance, back in the day it started off when farmers they would plant their crops, and they would wait all season long for their crops to grow. The season when the crops come out, this is the type of dance they do to show their gratitude, and how thankful they are for it.” Sharma said.

The celebration was an overall success, and the turnout of students that enjoyed the various festivities was a surprise, said Chayantie Deenoo, senior peer mentor from First Year Experience.

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