Diversity event celebrates many cultures among Humber students

Daniel Mitri
News Reporter

Next Tuesday, Humber College North campus will host an Around the World Diversity event to celebrate the varying cultures of the student body.

The First Year Experience event will be held between the hours of 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. at KX 202, to encourage learning about other cultures, while enjoying various foods, drinks and performances.

Yuthkumari Lall and Yanique Crooks are two senior peer mentors for the FYE program located in the Student Life office, and the co-chairs of Around the World Diversity.

“The event is mainly about celebrating the diversity around the campus,” said Lall.  “But it’s not just to celebrate, it is also a learning experience.”

She said that the free event is open for anyone on campus to attend.

A series of booths are to be organized by continent, with an information board discussing the culture of each continent as a whole.

“Last year we did it by country, and we only had a select few countries to discuss,” Lall said, adding ta continental showcase provides a broader opportunity for students to learn.

Students will still be encouraged to wear their traditional cultural clothing at each booth, and have offerings of food, drink and performances specific to their heritage nations. This will allow students to learn about specific cultures, as well as learning about the culture of each continent as a whole.

Each performance will feature student volunteers, including a Punjabi Bhangra display, a Zumba dance performance, and Chinese calligraphy.

The Aboriginal Resource Centre will also be in attendance to represent the First Nations peoples.

The food and drink offered will also be mindful of dietary restrictions, with various vegetarian options.

“All the samosas will be vegetarian, as well as options for vegetarian patties,” said Lall.

There are various advertisements for the Around the World Diversity event, including numerous posters around Humber College North campus, ads on social media and outreach done at other school events.

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