Dental opt out saves full-time students money

Full-time students automatically covered

Students can save $45 if you choose to opt-out of Humber's dental plan. Courtesy.

Victoria Nash
News Reporter

Full-time students can opt out of their dental coverage by Oct. 8 and receive $47 back for each semester.

“I opted out because I have coverage through my father’s insurance,” said second-year media communications student Steve Loughead, 23. “As long as I’m in school I’ll be covered under that plan.”

Full-time students are automatically covered under Humber’s student insurance plan, which entitles them to up to 80 per cent coverage on one dental visit each semester.

The dental office is located right beside the HSF office at the North Campus, giving students the option to get their teeth polished between classes.

Students can also use their coverage at other dental offices, said HSF services director Sieu Moi Ly.

“If you have a personal dentist that you’ve basically been going to for a long time and you like the services there and they have your full record you’re more than welcome to go to your personal dentist,” she said.

Humber has a full-time enrolment of more than 22,000 students, but according to Ly only 3,000 used the plan last year.

Sydney Shantz, dental hygienist at the Woodbine Medical Dental Centre, said for those who are still using their parents’ insurance to opt out and save the money they get back.

Shantz said she believes in two checkups annually and coverage to make dental health care affordable.

“Just a regular dental hygiene appointment with radiographs, cleaning, polishing and your check-up with your dentist is probably going to cost you more than $200 if you’re not insured,” said Shantz. “That’s a price range for healthy mouths – you’re looking at $400 a year on check-ups.”

Students can opt out by next Friday at 4:15 p.m. at

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