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Students pose for a picture with Swoop, the great horned owl from University of Guelph-Humber during Long Night against Procrastination hosted by Peer Assisted Learning Support. (Aditya Krishnan)

Chanel Sethi

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That time of year has arrived again, where the books are out and the stress creeps in.

Nafeeza Kadir, organizer of the event Long Night Against Procrastination and coordinator for peer learning programs at Humber, said the event is to relieve that stress.

“The event we have today is something we have across colleges and universities, where we try to pull together a bunch of stress activities for students including academic activities,” Kadir said.

Stress during exam time takes a toll on students and the main focal point of the event is for students to take care of themselves and take mental breaks through these times, she said.

The annual event included massage stations, academic workshops, tutoring, and drop in support for students in the area of math, accounting and writing.

At a support booth, Nakita Sunar, a learning support coordinator, tells students about the learning workshops at Humber.

“We have learning skill workshops every month about three or four times a week that help students succeed, there are for any course around money management, stress management, time management, group work, exam test prep or multiple choice prep,” Sunar said.

After attending five workshops, students can apply for their co-curricular record, a Humber certification that can be put on a resume, she said

Taking a break from the books, Kirill Borisov, an international student from Russia, finds relaxation at the event.

“This event is amazing and personally as a international student, the system of studying is very different from my country so tutoring is very helpful for us,” Borisov said. “I struggled with accounting and these workshops definitely helped me through this past year.”

Landscape technician Paula Pena Navarro finds herself at each stress reliever station taking advantage of all the useful resources, and amenities that were provided for students.

“I find this event is at a great time, with lots of stress going on especially because of the strike, I felt the strike affected this semester more than the last as this one got shortened but still having to complete the same amount of work within that time,” Navarro said.

The event took the stress of her mind and she was able enjoy the event with her peer students fueling herself midday with refreshments, food and activities, she said.

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