Culinary students show off skills in Humber’s new food truck

Students receive white recyclable take out containers for an easy way to eat food and go. The anticipated wait time for a meal is under three minutes. (Photo: Shaunte Sterling)

Shaunte Sterling
Life Reporter

Second-year culinary students at Humber College now have the opportunity to practice their skills in a real-life food truck, like those seen on the streets of Toronto.

So far, Humber is the only college in Ontario with its own food truck.

“It’s all about having experience. But, I mean we rotate every week so everyone will have a chance in every station on the truck,” Chow said.

Working on a food truck gives culinary students something to add to resumes and show diversity in the kitchen.

“We had the idea and brought it to our dean and she loved the idea. [Alpert] was able to apply for a grant. Associate dean, Rudi Fischbacher went and purchased the truck himself,” Public Relations Coordinator Racheal Ogorek said.

Along with culinary students, many other departments of the school participated in the completion of the truck.

“The food and nutrition students helped with looking over the menu items. Students in the graphic design and media programs were helping and submitting logo/tag line ideas,” Ogorek said.

Darce Lastiwka couldn’t find a single word to describe the chicken teriyaki she tried from the truck, describing it as “very nice.”

Lastiwka indulged with the $6 entre served from the college’s new food truck parked outside of building D.

Organized by front-house-manager Dion Alpert and culinary students, the truck offers more than the average pizza slice.

“It brings variety [and] it’s really nice to have more choices. The food looks great,” said second-year culinary student Monica Chow.

Prices range from $6 to $10 depending on the item and they offer combos that come with a side and a smoothie.

“I got the chicken teriyaki.” Sonya Padovani said after indulging in her first meal from the truck.

“I am celiac, I can’t eat gluten and this is a gluten free option for me which is awesome,” Padovani said.

“I got a strawberry, banana and orange smoothie. I’m excited to try it,” Chantelle Faria, another Humber student, said.

Every week they add a new feature to the menu. This week it was chicken teriyaki.

Second-year culinary students get the opportunity to work inside the truck.

“It’s all about having experience. But, I mean we rotate every week so everyone will have a chance in every station on the truck,” Chow said.

Despite general enthusiasm for the project, not everyone agrees the food truck program has been launched effectively.

“I feel like it’s very confusing for students to get into. They don’t really train them well before they send them in. They toss them in for the first day [after] their food truck class,” second-year Culinary student Ray Sicard said.

Humber’s food truck is open Monday to Friday between 11:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. For further information on the food truck visit