Certificates denied TTC discount

Students make use of the TTC everyday, but won’t receive the new discounts on-campus. Kyle Gennings.

Nicole Lynn Bogart
News Reporter

After months of anticipating a $99 post-secondary student TTC Metro pass, Humber students will have to stick to the more expensive adult passes after certificate programs were denied by the Commission.

“At some point we need to be able to say ‘Who are the students that would benefit from a post-secondary student metro pass’,” said Brad Ross, director of corporate communications for the TTC.

“Those are typically students who are in school all year or even part-time but are working towards a degree or diploma.”

The discounted pass, which became available in August, is offered to both full- and part-time students attending a recognized post-secondary institution within the City of Toronto.

But the TTC does not recognize certificate programs as a qualification to buy the post-secondary pass, leaving students in 30 certificate programs out of the equation.

For the students in the 30 certificate programs who need regular access to the TTC, the restrictions seem unfair.

Valerie Avendang, a first-year interior design student who previously attended a certificate program, feels the TTC is contradictory in the way it promoted the new Metropass.

“It’s still like a full-time degree program,” she said. “Maybe not as much homework-wise, but in going to class it’s still the same amount of time.”

Members of HSF have already sat down with the TTC brass, including chairman Adam Giambrone, to discuss what they feel is an unfair representation of student life.

Ercole Perrone, HSF executive director, has already received a number of comments and complaints regarding the limitations put on the pass and feels the HSF made it clear to the TTC that it is not thrilled with the decisions surrounding the new Metropass.

“We are in a position where we are asked to promote and administer a program that we don’t necessarily believe represents Humber and its students,” Perrone said. “Humber is more diverse than that.”

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