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Drake, culture vulture

As a Jamaican, I love being from Toronto. I’ve been here almost all my life and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. The problem is, once you live in this city, any news about Drake instantly becomes breaking news.

‘World Earth Hour’ exemplifies passive activism

ETC Staff The World Wildlife Foundation is holding its annual “Earth Hour” this Saturday. In its 10th year, Earth Hour is meant to raise awareness for the amount of power unnecessarily used every day and steps that could be taken to lower the carbon impact. When first introduced, people nodded accordingly. Many pointed to board

Student government merits your vote

By Chris Besik Participation in a majority of campus events is lacking, and the annual Ignite student government election of officials receives a very weak voter turnout. The campus needs to better explain that the job of student president is serious and has serious responsibilities. When people think of school politics, chances are they don’t

Bachelorette for Women’s Day? Hmm

By Jimmy Kakish Rosa Parks. Frida Kahlo. Oprah. These are strong women. They’ve overcome adversity and scoffed in the faces of ignorant people everywhere. They came out on top. As did Arlene Dickinson, the Canadian businesswoman, investor and Dragon’s Den venture capitalist who spoke at Humber College Thursday for an International Women’s Day event. She

Trump set to dismantle U.S. environmental safeguards

By Ruth Escarlan The environmental views of former U.S. President Barack Obama and current U.S. President Donald Trump can be compared to the antithesis of oil and vinegar or fire and water: complete opposites. A glance at the White House website hints at Trump’s version of environmental policy. The omission of two words from the