Toronto Maple Leafs doing great. And that’s the worry

By: David Tuchman The Toronto Maple Leafs are playing really well. Maybe too well. In the past two games the Leafs continuously battled back from two goal deficits and gave the Washington Capitals, the best team in the league, to have fits. Heck, the Leafs even won one of those games. The series is now tied at two games apiece,... More

Political showmanship does nothing for dwindling middle class

By: Hunter Crowther What is ‘middle class’ and how does the government define it? One of the often repeated phrases I hear from the politicians of Queen’s Park and Ottawa is middle class, and what to do with said middle class. ‘How to strengthen it,’ ‘how to grow it,’ doing whatever-adjective-fits-today to the middle class was, and still is, what... More

Memories from Norovirus to an election

By: ETC Staff It is our last edition, and what a ride it has been. There were a few incidents that happened involving Humber that reflected negatively for the school this semester, like the norovirus outbreak that left more than 200 students sick, as this publication reported. Every major news outlet in Toronto picked up the story, making the topic... More