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Are people with disabilities unwelcome in Canada?

Amy Wallace Felipe Montoya is a full-time, tenured professor of environmental studies at York University. For three years, he has been living with his family in Toronto. Montoya, whose family is originally from Costa Rica, submitted an application for permanent residency for himself, his wife and his two children. But the family’s ability to remain

Trudeau’s first budget is taking baby steps in the right direction

Jeremy Appel Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s inaugural budget, unveiled by rookie Finance Minister Bill Morneau is a step in the right direction, with billions of dollars pledged for infrastructure, child care, First Nations and the arts. But the Trudeau government is constrained by its commitment to “fiscal responsibility,” code for austerity, and no one in

It’s time to say hello to safe injection sites in Toronto

It’s the hotly contested drug issue Torontonians are talking about this week – and it’s not about legal ganja. Toronto is considering opening three supervised injection sites for drug users, the city’s chief medical officer of health announced on Monday. Before we take the plunge (pun intended), perhaps we should first consider how beneficial these

Musical transit bandits assault shared spaces everywhere

Jennifer Berry They hop on subway cars and buses when you least expect it. They seem unassuming until they get a little closer and your eardrums are viciously accosted. They wield weapons of auditory assault so rude, so imposing, you do nothing but sit dumbfounded, vacillating between total shock and sheer outrage. Dirty looks and

Black History has a big problem

The intention to help make black youth feel they are represented and affirmed is diluted by the Eurocentric history they are taught in school. We cannot minimize these effects by 28 days of putting African Canadians in the spotlight.

Why can’t we all get along in Uber versus taxi fight

Corey Brehaut Taxi unions and Uber are engaged in a bitter war of attrition in Canada over who gets the raw deal on private transportation when their attention should be directed at the predatory laws that negatively affect both parties. While cities across Canada scramble to regulate the California-based ride share company, cab companies are