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New culinary bake lab 30 years in the making

Genia Kuypers Life Reporter About a dozen students, faculty and staff were given a grand tour of the new culinary bake lab at North campus and were served delicious baked goods prepared using the facilities. The facilities officially opened to students on Jan. 3, but as Joe Kumar, coordinator of the Baking and Pastry Management


War correspondent reports on battle front

Jane Burke News Reporter Media studies students filled a Humber North campus lecture room Tuesday to hear from Jeffrey Kofman, a seasoned foreign correspondent for ABC News and co-founder of the speech-to-text start-up Trint. Kofman delivered a lecture full of real world truths about overseas journalism. He framed these lessons by sharing stories about his


Humber library grows its databases, reduces books

Michael Piccoli News Reporter The advancement of modern technology has reduced the need for physical copies of books, which leaves Humber College’s library with a lot of free space. Notably, there are other options than going to the library and borrowing a book for an assignment. Jumana Nuri, a post-graduate Project Management student, explained that