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Black History Month needs to broaden

By ETC Staff This February, institutions, communities, and nations are celebrating Black History Month. Performances, exhibits and lessons are offered in support of black heritage. However, how broad an understanding of African-heritage culture and contribution is gained from these commemorations? It’s tough to say. According to the American National Biography, Black History Month, originally Negro

Kathleen Wynne’s politics of desperation stinks

By ETC staff When Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne decided to reign over municipal politics last week, there was an acrid stench of desperation. Wynne was in hot water again after she flip-flopped with her abrupt cancellation of Toronto Mayor John Tory’s Gardiner and DVP road tolls, much to the dismay of Tory and many of

Is O’Leary Canada’s very own Trump?

The new President of the United States of America is causing an uproar in his country. Will Canada be subjected to similar tensions in its political world? Canadian businessman and reality TV star Kevin O’Leary wants to shift to a similar tone of political discussion within our great northern borders. He introduced himself to the

‘Tis the season for drinking, driving and Nickleback

Jimmy Kakish If you drink and drive, your IQ must be in the single digits. Seriously, driving is dangerous enough sober. So, what crosses the mind of people that think they can be safe while driving intoxicated? Despite the many anti-drunk driving campaigns headed by Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the Canadian government, a report

Trump victory can’t be ignored

By Hunter Crowther Don’t worry, citizens of Planet Earth: there’s still an Earth. After 18 months of one of the most toxic presidential campaigns in recent memory, Donald Trump made history Tuesday night by defeating Hillary Clinton and taking the highest office in the land. Donald J. Trump – the self-proclaimed billionaire who began with

Remembrance day democracy

November 11 symbolizes freedom, democracy and sacrifice. But the aftermath of the presidential election in the United States has represented these things in a conflicted light. Both major candidates had their flaws, so this is not to address them on their personalities. Donald Trump won the election, and no matter how voters feel about it,