OPINION: It’s about bloody time we got free menstural products on campus

Rucha Devarchetti

The big “M” for most women (and some transgender people) in the world is not men, but menstruation

No matter how much we talk about it, the endless circle brings us to step one every time. The debate on this topic is resurrected every few months, very like the nature of menstruation. But given the way it is discussed, are we really doing enough to change the approach towards handling it?

IGNITE recently started distributing free menstrual kits on Humber’s campuses. It is a great way of helping people during emergencies. This idea is one step ahead of decrepit tampon and napkin disposal machines that often do not work. With this initiative, Humber joins the list of colleges across Canada that have tried to ease the woes of menstruation on campus.

One of the reasons cited for this idea is to erase the negativity surrounding periods and open up a conversation about them. Free tampons are the latest to join the list of possible mascots for the period debate. The question we need to ask ourselves is does this change our current approach towards menstruation or are we just convincing ourselves otherwise.

We know of many instances where a woman’s negative feelings are wrongly attributed to her period. “It’s that time of the month” is a very common attempt to demean this uncomfortable process. Subconsciously, women often end up being portrayed as the weaker humans. This degrading image often adds more confusion than a solution to the problem in hand.

Maybe as women, we are used to compromising the way we handle our own issues is nearly dismal. Someone did something that will eventually affect my way of life, but in percolation, we lose out on a bit of dignity each time.

Instead of focusing on problems and what could divide us, let’s instead look at how issues are all connected to each other. Women everywhere share similar troubles, despite their ethnicity and cultural beliefs.

Let’s not let our confident self-image be marred attempts to make us look weak. What we need is the encouragement to build ourselves an equal platform. We cannot be bound by our own shackles if we are aiming high. We need to pick goals and not stop until we achieve them.

Women have a tendency to relate to problems and offer support in times of need. We have a powerful network with each other without even knowing the people we interact with. But in the process, we will not let go of our dignity or forget our very core.

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