90s rock band, I Mother Earth returns

Lisa Gillan
A&E Reporter

Canadian ’90s band I Mother Earth has reunited to play a few gigs and release some new music.

“First it sounded crazy,” said Bruce Gordon, who plays bass in the band and attended Humber’s music program in the late ’80s. “I’m living in Florida now and I have a full-time position with the Blue Man Group in Orlando. But the way we started talking about [reuniting] made it seem a lot more feasible and enticing.”

Gordon said the reason I Mother Earth initially decided to call it quits at the end of 2003 was that they had been maintaining an intense itinerary, including touring for ten years.

“It takes a lot of dedication and focus to maintain that band lifestyle and you have to make a lot of sacrifices.”

He said the band got support from people in the industry as soon as word got out about their plans to reunite.

“Live Nation was very excited and jumped all over the prospect, and the Sound Academy [in Toronto] – the venue we performed at – was very excited and extremely accommodating.”

Gordon said the group rehearsed at Sound Academy for the three days before their reunion shows on March 22 and 23. They also released a new song called We Got the Love on March 20.

Gordon said instead of making records or touring like they had, this time around the band wanted to “do things on our own terms. Do things for the fun of it and just for doing it. For the music.”

Nick Brown, a first-year sustainable energy and building technology student, remembers the band from the ‘90s.

“If they produce honest music, then good for them,” he said. “The indie scene’s way bigger than it was when they came out so there’s a way larger alternative rock audience than when they were a band. So hopefully they do well.”

Gordon said the band is hoping to play some shows in Ontario this summer and continue working on new material.

Will Jarvis, Humber music faculty, was Gordon’s private lesson teacher.

“He was quite a good student,” Jarvis said. “He was always at the lesson and very eager as a student.”

“I didn’t really know much about musical theory because I was more or less self-taught,” Gordon said, getting his strong theoretical foundation from studying at Humber.


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